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About us

Handiscover together with the City of Malmö and Vinnova focuses on developing a solution to provide user-driven accessibility information for people with disabilities within the public space.

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The Project

Accessibility is about giving people with disabilities access to society on the same terms as everyone else.

It’s also about those with a disability being able to take part in contributing accessibility information, influencing it and communicating it with others in the community, the municipality’s politicians and officials.

Log This Place gives you the power to influence how accessible a specific place is to your needs. As a user, we believe that you should have the opportunity to be directly involved in the production of information linked to accessible places.

Co-created with accessibility experts


Handiscover offers innovative solutions in accessibility with a focus on individuals and businesses.

Malmö Civic Lab

Malmö Civic Lab offers technical solutions with the help of digitization processes within the City of Malmö.


Magnus Berglund

Magnus Berglund is accessibility director at Handiscover with over 17 years of experience in the private and public sector.


Rasmus Isaksson

Rasmus Isaksson is a project manager from the City of Malmö with many years of experience from the public and private sector.

App features

Map with accessible places

Simple, powerful and user-friendly map view with places in your area that you can easily interact with by clicking and adding info regarding how accessible these places are from your perspective. You can also modify existing information and help communicate it to other users.

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Register and create your profile

Use the app in guest mode or register and create your profile. By creating a profile, your experience in the app will be more tailored to your needs. Focus on what is important to you.

Participate actively and make a difference

The starting point in this project is choosing to be involved in influencing, strengthening and developing public information about accessibility in the urban space. As a result, you are taking an active part in the production of accessibility information. The app gives you the opportunity to contribute valuable accessibility information about places by logging data.

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The city that is involved in this project

The City of Malmö wants to strengthen inclusion and accessibility for public spaces in the city for people with disabilities. In this project, Handiscover together with the City of Malmö enables people with disabilities to update and develop the existing accessibility information that’s published in the city’s Accessibility Guide. Each person with a disability should be able to contribute with accessibility information about places in real-time through Log This Place on their mobile.

User-driven accessibility information about public spaces for people with disabilities

Accessibility affects us

The public space affects us all in our daily lives as we move around the city. Public buildings and facilities contain services people need in the form of health care, culture, leisure, recreation etc. The design of the public space often affects us much more than we think. For people with disabilities, design is even more important. Design in regards to accessibility should cater to the various disabilities that exist in humans.

We strengthen and develop accessibility information

Our project is based on this and aims to strengthen and develop public information about accessibility in the urban space for people with disabilities by including them in the information development, i.e. user-driven development that increases trust between residents with disabilities and the public sector.

A need that is only increasing

There is an increasing proportion of people with disabilities in Sweden and in the EU. The population is getting older and chronic diseases are increasing. In Europe, there are around 135 million Europeans with a disability (source). At the same time, digital technology offers great opportunities to increase accessibility to the urban space for people with disabilities.

Want to join? Become a contributor of this growing community.

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In the App, you can discover, log and publish accessible places in your city! There is a huge lack of accessibility information but with Log This Place we can change that. Download the App today! Contribute and discover accessibility information. Together we will log the world one place at a time.