Participate and log accessible places

The lack of accessibility information is great but together you and Log This Place can change it. By logging areas and places that are accessible, you will contribute with greater freedom and independence for people with disabilities.

Do you want to help?

Are you a person who cares about others and wants to make a difference in society? Then you’re the perfect match to participate and contribute to Log This Place’s growth. We need you to log accessible places. If you are in Malmö, you can right away. You can download the app below.
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Download the app if you are in Malmö

In the App you can discover, log and publish accessible places in your city! The lack of accessibility information is big but together can you and Log This Place change that. Download the App today! Contribute and access accessibility information. Together we will log the world one place at a time.

If you are not from Malmö

Join the waiting list and get notified when we add your city to the app

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