Introducing our MVP to different disability organisations in Malmö

On the 28th of September we held our very first community gathering with representatives from different disability organisations from Malmö.

Our goals were to present the app to the different organisations and introduce the key features in our app. This led to a very interesting discussion about what accessibility means.

disability organizations in Malmö meeting
Representatives from various disability organizations within Malmö

The response was very positive and people were interested to start testing the app on their own devices. List of meeting participants below:

  • Consuelo Romano – Lead UX/UI Designer at Handiscover
  • Magnus Berglund – Accessibility Director at Handiscover
  • Rasmus Isaksson – Project Leader representing Malmö Stad
  • DHR Malmö Representatives
  • Organization for visually impaired people (SRF)
  • RTP – organization for people with polio or injured in traffic
  • ParaSport Organization
Rasmus Isaksson talks to organization members
Rasmus Isaksson presents Log This Place

Want to know how to contribute to our project? Read more in this link or send us a message to Stay tuned! 😃

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