User-driven accessibility information for municipalities

Sweden, with the city of Malmö at the forefront, can pave the way for increased mobility for people with disabilities in the urban space. This possibility does not currently exist anywhere in Sweden. We hope that your municipality will join us on this journey.

Malmö kommun

We are a benefit for the residents of your municipality

The City of Malmö was given an opportunity to work with Handiscover and Vinnova to develop a solution to contribute user-driven accessibility information to the public space for people with disabilities. Together, a pilot project has been developed that benefits and provides greater freedom and independence for the city’s residents. We hope that your municipality sees this as an opportunity just like Malmö to contribute and become a more inclusive municipality for people with disabilities.

How we can integrate your municipality with Log This Place

Your municipality is undergoing an integration process with us, where we together make sure to map and log accessible public places.


Integration plan

Together, we set up an action plan based on your prerequisites



We map and log all public places that are accessible


Data visualization

We test your data and manage the inventory in our system.



Now your municipality is integrated and your residents can start using Log This Place

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