A team that is passionate about including people

Through the excellence of all team members, we complement each other and come together to create a diversified team, both ethnically and in terms of a disability that are passionate about what we do.
Rasmus I.
Project manager FSF Malmö City
Rasmus Isaksson is the City of Malmö’s contact person in the Log This Place project
Sebastian M.
Project manager
Sebastian is a kick-ass C-level, idea galvanizer, fast learner animal lover, enthusiastic runner and open water swimmer.
Magnus B.
Accessibility Director at Handiscover
Magnus is an accessibility director at Handiscover with over 17 years of experience in the private and public sector.
Consuelo R.
Consuelo is a big thinker, problem solver and empathy advocate. She believes that an inclusive world is a better world.
Kaj S.
Communicator Malmö city
Kaj Svensson is a communicator at the functional support administration and works to spread knowledge about the app in the city of Malmö
Yesol K.
Yesol is a South Korean designer who is an active wheelchair user based in Sweden. She listens to people’s needs and she wants to make the world more inclusive.
Filip M.
Frontend developer
Filip has a passion for building great-looking web applications with great usability. He’s a gamer and a tennis enthusiast.
André C.
Frontend developer
André is a Portuguese FE developer, Star Wars fan, tennis lover and music enthusiast.
Aleksey N.
App developer
Aleksey loves challenges and constantly sets goals for himself.
Fabien C.
Backend developer
Fabien is motivated by providing efficient solutions to real problems and helping communities grow.

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